Feeding Dish/Magic Veggie Wand Info/Care

Snail Tales Feeding Dish and Magic Veggie Wand Information and Care

Our feeding dishes and Magic Veggie Wands are made with
marine safe, FDA compliant (per FDA code 21CFR175.300), Water and high grade UV resistant Epoxy Resin. Please be noted that all epoxies do turn yellow overtime, however, with the type we use- it would take longer than most epoxies.

NOTE: These items are NOT dishwasher safe. Items are not to be ran through hot water with temps as high as 100 degrees. Items are not to be left out in sun for long periods of time. Doing so- the resin crafted items will soften for a period of time before hardening back up and becoming fully cured. If this happens, Snail Tales cannot guarantee the items will be FDA compliant.

Hand wash with cool water and mild soap, rinse well and air or hand dry. You can leave your resin crafted items in your tank as decor if you wish to do so, but it’s recommended to wash them during tank maintenance days. Please note that your items may feel slippery or like “the top layer is mushy”, we assure you this isn’t the case. It’s simply biofilm coated on your items and will come off when washed.

Magic Veggie Wands:

Please keep in mind that some of our Magic Veggie Wands (depending on style) are less dense than others, meaning that they can be flexible- to a point, just like any other similar shaped plastic. It is important to blanch (or steam) your veggies first by cutting up into 1-2 inch pieces and boiling for 2 mins followed by an ice bath for 3-5 mins. Then pierce veggies with Magic Veggie Wand and leave 1-2 inches at the bottom to poke into your substrate. If you decide to fill the whole wand with veggies, no need to try and poke in substrate, it’ll stay weighed at the bottom of tank so long as it’s not kept where heavy water flow is.