Feeding Schedule, Water Conditions and Diet Information

Snail Tales products work together as a routine diet for a happy snail and healthy shell! Below you will find a Snail Tales Feeding Schedule if you happen to have all of our food on hand. If you don’t happen to have all of our food, that’s okay! We will tell you the different routines you can go about feeding your precious snabies! 

First things first- Snails need these 3 components in their diet, no matter if you decide to use all of our products or not- Calcium, Vegetables and Protein! Algae is not a complete source of food and they cannot thrive alone on just that.

Our SUPER SNELLO offers all 3 components, so if you decide to only feed that, then it’s recommended that you feed it 1-2 times a day. 

Due to genetics, water conditions and etc., your snails may need extra sources of the three components listed above. Calcium helps with shell health and contributes towards laying clutches. This is where CALCENAMELS help! VEGGIE TREATS help give your snails the vitamins they need to absorb the calcium properly and fully. SNERKY helps with trap door health and overall body healthy, upon reading customers feedback, we’ve learned that SNERKY also helps promote mating. 

When you have clutches that have hatched, it is very hard to keep your breeder box or nursery tank as clean as possible without over feeding. The foods listed above are too large for your new hatchlings to eat within 8-12 hour period, causing ammonia spikes. Now you’re scrambling to figure out an efficient way to clean the food up without sucking up your new hatchlings. This is where our ORIGIN MAGIC and MAGIC DUST DELUXE comes into play. Most of the powdered food will sink to the bottom and spread in an even layer so that all your babies can find food fast, while some food lingers at the surface for your babies that like to hang out up there. ORIGIN MAGIC is a heavy plant and protein based powdered food. MAGIC DUST DELUXE contains ORIGIN MAGIC, SUPER SNELLO powder and SNERKY powder for the extra calcium/vegetables/protein boost. 2 pinches- 2 times a day is recommend.


Below is our feeding chart for when you have all of our foods. Still follow it if you don’t have some of the foods. You can opt to feed SUPER SNELLO every day and but it’s recommended to still conduct the following routine: Feed SNERKY (or blood worms and brine shrimp) 2x a week. Pair vegetables, or VEGHIE TREATS (No spinach, kale, lettuce or cucumbers) with a calcium supplement or CALCENAMELS 2x a week. 

Remember- Variety is the key to a happy snail! Snails need to eat every day or 2 times a day. For easy cleanup, consider customizing your own Snail Tales Handmade Feeding Dish and using a turkey baster to suck up uneaten food after 8-12 hours.

Proper water conditions are important. pH should be above 7.6- I prefer 8.4 or higher and recommend using AquaVitro 8.4. If pH is too low, it can cause their shell to erode and there’s no fixing it, there’s only preventing future eroding. Calcium IN your water column in important as well, I recommend using Seachem Reef Complete. Your tank temperatures affect your snails and their shells! The range in degrees should be between 72-82. The lower the temp- the less active your snails will be, but their shells will grow thick and slow. With higher temps- your snails will be more active, but in turn will cause their shells to grow thin and fast, even causing clefts. Clefts can also happen due to improper diet, water conditions or genetics. 

Snail Tales is a small home business. Snail Tales aquatic invertebrate treats are made from my kitchen and are not subject to state inspections. Ingredients: Proprietary. 

Snail Tales Feeding Schedule