Unpacking Your Snails and Dead On Arrival (DOA) Policy

First time ordering snails online? Here’s instructions on what to do when you receive your snail package!

  1. Immediately bring your package inside once delivered and open package
  2. Fill a Tupperware container with water from the designated tank your snails will be going in
  3. Open the container your snails were sent in and gently unwrap your snails from the damp paper towels 
  4. Put your snails in the Tupperware container with tank water and wait until they wake up
  5. You’ll see their little antennas pop out and they’ll start crawling around or just sit in their shells with their trap doors cracked open while filtering the new water in 
  6. They can wake up immediately or can take up to an hour to wake up

Signs that your snail has arrived dead in shipping: 

If your snail died in shipping and you unwrap it and the snail is hanging out of its shell and not moving, poke its body and if it doesn’t retract into its shell, it’s more than likely dead. However, sometimes snails can wake up in the middle of shipping and become adventurous. Put it in the water and wait up to an hour to see if it moves. To be 100% sure that it’s dead, you can gently try and open the trap door- if there’s give,  it’s loose and you can easily open it- the snail is dead. If you gently try and open the trap door and the snail pulls back and retracts into the shell, it’s still alive. Another way to check if it’s dead is to smell the trap door. If the smell is so horrendous that it makes you want to puke- the snail is dead. This smell is to not be mixed with the moldy smell of the damp paper towels that may occur from being in transit for longer than expected. Heat packs may also make the damp paper towels smell this way. 

Dead On Arrival (DOA) Policy:

Snail Tales used to send bonus snails per live order in case of a DOA. However, after shipping snails for nearly 2 years, our success rate has been pretty spot on. We ship our snails with care and snails are very resilient, but we cannot guarantee how USPS handles the package once it’s been dropped off at the post office. 

Once Snail Tales creates the shipping label for your order, you will receive an automated email with your tracking number attached. It is your responsibility to keep tabs on the tracking updates and to retrieve your package immediately upon delivery. 

If your snail(s) died during shipping, you are to contact me VIA Facebook Business Page, “Snail Tale Origins” with a screen shot of the tracking info via USPS that shows the time your package was delivered and a photo of the confirmed dead snail in front of a clock NO LATER than 1 HOUR after package was delivered. If it has passed 1 hour and you have failed to immediately get your package upon delivery and send us the photos as described above, Snail Tales is not responsible for fixing the situation. If you have met all the requirements described above in a timely manner, Snail Tales will refund you the cost of the dead snail(s) VIA PayPal MINUS the cost of the Shipping and Handling fees. If you do not have access to PayPal, Snail Tales will offer you store credit for the cost of the dead snail(s) MINUS Shipping and Handling fees.