Guardian Tales Breeder Kit
Guardian Tales Breeder Kit
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Guardian Tales Breeder Kit

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Snail Tales and Mystery Snail Guardians came together and created a Breeder Kit!

For every $1,000 in sales this item accrues, Snail Tales will sponsor a giveaway in Mystery Snail Guardians official FB group and prize will be an $80 value Care Package!

Guardian Tales Breeder Kit includes the following Snail Tales products:

1 Handmade Siren Tales Feeding Dish
25g Origin Magic
20 count CalcEnamels
20 count Super Snello
20 count Veggie Treats
20 count Snerky
10 count Magic Pellets (MSG Breeder Kit EXCLUSIVE item!)

For a limited time: You will receive a Mystery Snail Guardians decal with a purchase of a Guardian Tales product!

Use a feeding dish for easy cleanup with turkey baster!

*We accept Canadian and UK food and feeding dish orders!


*Large pieces can easily be broke in half if it’s too much for your snails to eat within 6-8 hours. I highly suggest feeding dishes for easy and fast clean up!

CalcEnamel NOTES:

CalcEnamels are a fun way to give your snail babies the calcium intake they need for a healthy shell! CalcEnamels are made with 99.3% Calcium Carbonate in purity, Spirulina and Origin Magic! CalcEnamels slow release, giving your snabies enough time to ingest the calcium they need!


1-2 pinches a day for your new baby hatchlings, fry or shrimp. 3/4 of the powder will sink, while the remaining will keep floating for your babies lingering at the surface! If you don’t want it floating, simply swirl your finger around on the surface and it’ll sink.


Snail Jerky! Huge protein boost packed into a small form! I suggest a feeding dish for easy cleanup!

Magic Pellets NOTES:

This Snail Tales hidden product is exclusive and only available through this Care Package! Magic Pellets is 98% Origin Magic Powder squeezed into a pellet like form! This product is stinky! Magic Pellets is immediately scavenged down and gone until there’s no more!

Mystery Snail Guardians Official FB Group link below: